The AI-Powered Pig Weighing System for Pig Farmers

Weigh Your Pigs with an iPhone Pro

Under designated conditions: Accuracy
Accuracy data is from experimental tests and may vary depending on the environment and conditions at time of testing.
  • Size
  • Breed
  • Carcass Meat
Weigh everything from young pigs to pigs ready for market
Pig breed is detected automatically by AI.

Keep track of meat distribution, too.

AI analysis calculates meat distribution for each pig.
Easy to Use

AI calculates the estimated meat distribution and pig weight via camera data, eliminating the need for scales or visual estimates.

3 Simple Steps with PIGI!

Step 1


Take a photo from above, making sure to get the entire pig in the shot.

Step 2


AI measures the weight of the pig and calculates the meat distribution.

Step 3


Measurement data is stored with time data to provide shipment quantity estimates.


1st month free!
  • PIGI
  • Renews automatically
  • 1 user per account
Automatically converts to paid plan ($89/month) after end of free trial.

PIGI is available on the following devices:

  • iPhone12 Pro
  • iPhone12 Pro Max
  • iPhone13 Pro
  • iPhone13 Pro Max
  • iPhone14 Pro
  • iPhone14 Pro Max
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PIGI - The Ai-Powered Pig Weighing System for Pig Farmers 
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